Philosophical Thoughts Ep.1

Hello, and welcome to Philosophical Thoughts, where I share the kind of things me and my friends think about when we’re bored.

Today’s topic is TIME TRAVEL.

But not typical time travel like in Back to the Future. In this scenario, your mind will be transported into the body of your past self, so you can right wrongs and change your life.

Putting aside the practicality for quantum semantics and Stephen Hawking, we’re focusing on the effects of this. For starters, I’d bet the changes you would make to your own timeline would be too strong for the time-space continuum to handle, so every time you alter your timeline, a parallel dimension is created (in some sort of explosive process you’re oblivious to).

But the real problem in this scenario is, “What’s the psychological effects of this?” Assuming that you can only go  to a point where you are already living, and that you can’t fast forward, this would age your mind immensely, but not your body. This could be very beneficial, as it opens you up to the world and what’s in it, but it would also weigh you down with so many memories, good and bad. Which would probably cause some sort of mental breakdown (and has the potential to cause some sort of paradox and, once again, rip apart time and space, as usual).

There’s a reason time travel is confined to sci-fi flicks. And it’s best to leave it that way.
Philosophical Thoughts Ep.1: Time Travel


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