Our Digital Destiny

The Internet is slowly insinuating itself into every nook and cranny of life, and the idea of a completely digital world isn’t too far in the future. I’m thinking about, “What would happen?”

Let’s take this one part at a time. I think there are 3 things that would be impacted as a result of a digital reality.*

The International Dossier

The IDD, or the International Dossier Database, is a concept that has been mentioned many times in multiple books.

The IDD would record every living human’s medical and criminal record, along with fingerprints, retinal scans, DNA, their SSN, the works.

Police and the NSA would support this, and they have good reason. This way, they could identify anyone and everyone with their fingerprint, and crime-stopping would be much easier. This could improve medical care as well, since any medical records would be easy to access and use. Everything would be there for people who need it, and there would be no hassle.

However, others would disagree, arguing on the front of privacy. If all this stuff is all packed in one convenient place, who knows what would happen to it. It might get abused by government officials or hacked into. If it manages to get into the wrong hands, then whoever has it will have enough power to topple nations.

Virtual Reality

Some inventors have already come up with prototypes, but the kind of virtual reality we think of is still a long time off.

But the technology would be mind-boggling, especially if you were able to manipulate code inside the software. That would be crazy. But James Dashner’s book The Eye of Minds describes a world with virtual reality games, complete with lifelike coding and even artificial intelligence called Tangents. This kind of world would bring all sorts of benefits, from prototype-testing to gaming. You could meet people from all over the world without moving an inch in real life. The possibilities are endless, and with sandbox programs like Minecraft, some truly amazing things can be born out of this.

But with the threat of hacking, things can get ugly. And that brings us to our final topic.


As with any advancement in technology, there’s always a risk of hacking. And, in a future where the Internet is omnipresent in our lives, hackers just got an invitation into our personal lives.

Sure, the governments will scramble to fortify their IDDs and their Virtual Reality Network, but hackers always seem to find a way. What with the hacking of Sony recently, it seems like hackers can get anywhere no matter what we do. And with this future, who knows what they can get into.
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*Assuming that there is no mass extinction, apocalypse, or Orwellian governments in the future.


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