The AIDS pill

I don’t know if you heard about it on the news, but Martin Shkreli had taken a life-saving AIDS pill worth $13.25 USD per pill and increased it by over 5000%, putting the price at $750 USD. There’s been a lot of controversy, but I think that’s just plain wrong.

It’s been out for 60 years prior to his takeover, and it had been saving thousands of lives in places like Africa and Asia where AIDS runs rampant. Now, with the outrageous price of the pill, people can’t get the treatment they need.

It increased AIDS treatment prices to hundreds of thousands of dollars, money that many patients just don’t have.

I feel like that’s pushing it way too far, and that even if you felt like you needed more profit from the drug you don’t have to increase the price that much, do you? Making it $15 would reap in millions and still let poor people get the treatment they need.

Who agrees with me?


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