Sea monkeys?

Believe it or not, there’s actually a creature nicknamed “sea monkeys”. Their actual name is brine shrimp.

They are very small in their first stage. You’ll need a microscope to tell it apart from a piece of dust. But they look pretty cool under a microscope.

I took a video on my phone of the microscope. You can see them all quivering around, pretty cool experience.

They later grow to a few centimeters long, so you can actually see those without a microscope.

However, there’s a problem for the shrimps. Water quality and temperature is causing the plankton, their main source of food, to be replaced by diatoms, larger algae that simply can’t fit in their mouths.

As a result, the adult shrimp lay tons of eggs before the diatom “season”, if you will, carpeting the river floor with their microscopic cysts, or eggs. A small medicine jar can hold millions of these miniature eggs.

See? Now you’re a little bit smarter!

(Sorry about the glare in the video, nothing could be done about that)


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