The Solar System

Most everybody has taken a look at a solar system model of some kind. Usually, in fine print, it says, “not in scale” (because then the sun would engulf everything). 

However, if you have one of those 3D types, with a huge sun and marble planets, you might think, “That has to be to scale, right? The sun is like a beach ball or football (soccer) ball and the Earth is like this tiny little marble. You can’t get any more to scale, right?” Right?

Well…no. Even with the marble sized planets and the huge sun, it is still far off scale. 

Many people underestimate the distance from the earth and the sun. They know what the distance actually is, but not the scale of it. 

This is shown with the earth and the moon as well.  

Most diagrams show the earth and the moon like this. 

However, this is the actual scale distance. Crazy, right?

It would take miles of open ground to simulate a scaled solar system, even with marble planets. 

The size of the planets are actually about 1,000 times bigger than they should be according to the distance scale. 

Does that give you an idea about how large space is? We’re this tiny marble in the middle of open space. 

Kinda humbling, right?


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