Many people identify themselves as a germaphobe. I’m sorry to say, if you are looking at this article, you’ve made contact with hundreds of species of microbes just from using your phone or computer, some of which are well-known pathogens like Staphylococcus and E-Coli.

Don’t worry though, these strains are usually harmless. But you never know… >=D


More germy facts for you!

  1. Money and door handles contain more germs than toilets! In fact, toilets contain a relatively low amount of bacteria! However, toilet germs are more inclined to have fecal bacteria, which is much more dangerous than the relatively harmless ones on money and other frequently-touched surfaces. Doesn’t help to be careful though! Wash your hands!
  2. We have 4 pounds of bacteria throughout our body, inside and out!
  3. Everyone makes a bacterial footprint called a flora wherever we go. This is almost like a fingerprint, in that people can find out where you have been and for how long using the correct equipment!
  4. Due to overuse of antibiotics, many strains of bacteria have mutated into antibiotic-resistant versions of themselves, rendering antibiotics useless against it! Spooky, huh?
  5. There is absolutely no way to avoid bacteria, even after death. No matter what you do, probiotic bacteria inside your intestines thrive, and are necessary for survival.
  6. Many strains of bacteria are actually helpful to our body! Without them, we would face many complications like weakened immune system, digestive problems, and more.

Hope you learned something new about the omnipresent creatures floating through the air. Or have atleast been spooked out by how omnipresent they really are. Perhaps you’re not even reading this sentence, and are frantically trying to rid yourself of all pathogens.


7 thoughts on “Germaphobe

      1. A lot of work, sometimes tears, lots of laughs, great deals of energy, and excellent to see students grow and be independent after learning the how-to’s. 🙂

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