45th Blog Post!

This is the 45th post on my blog! Sweet!

I just want to share something. I actually started this blog all the way back March 2014. However, about two thirds of all the views (and posts I would imagine) all occurred within a month. The one month I’ve actually been dedicated to this blog.

I’ve always had starter trouble with everything. It takes a while for me to get used to something new and actually start to enjoy it. That, and the fact that no one got on my blog at all, discouraged me from keeping it up. I made daily posts for a few days, then it turned into a post every other day, then into a post weekly, into not at all. My blog kind of died at that moment, about a month from when I started.

Then comes May 2015. I rediscovered this thing (mostly because I had bookmarked it on my Google account) and started posting once again. And once again, it died. Why? Because I didn’t have dedication.

I didn’t remind myself, “Get on your computer and type something up for your blog”. I didn’t look at something and go, “Hey, this is great blog material!” I didn’t wring my head out to come up with an idea, because I thought it wouldn’t make a difference. I thought, “Hey, nobody gets on. What’s the point?”

Then rolls around September. Beginning of school. And I have to say, school’s the thing that really got the engine running after so many sputters and groans.

I had to make a WordPress site for the class. Thing is, I already had one. For a while. So I took a look, made a quick post, all that. Then I looked at the top of the screen.

The Reader.

I hadn’t really checked that out before. I mean, sure it showed up whenever I logged on, but I never got on to see other people’s blogs. I was narrow-minded, always focusing on my thing.

So I went there. And I found you guys. The community.

All these wonderful posts kept me occupied for so long. And I started to comment, and like, and interact with these great blogs that I always thought were so far ahead, that I thought, “There’s no point catching up”. And all of a sudden…

People started to get on my blog. All of a sudden, I’m getting this flood of feedback from all you guys, giving me advice and ideas.

If it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t be posting this. The engine would fail to start once more. But the community, the feedback, the advice? That’s the spark that started the engine.

Sorry for the long post. If you are an aspiring blogger, and are getting discouraged, don’t give up. Tell people about your blog. You want feedback, give some first. Comment, like, interact with the people you are making your blog for. And if you do that, your blog can really do nothing but grow.

-A Fellow Blogger


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