Must.. Have… Coffee!!

Coffee is a product that has become commonplace in today’s society, and a non-coffee drinker is practically unheard of. But many people don’t know much about the white, bitter powder they consume via coffee and many other products.

As many of you have figured out, I’m talking about caffeine. Caffeine is a drug made from the Coffea plant. It’s a stimulant, meaning it jump-starts the nervous system, gearing you up for the day.

However, if you take too much of anything, it will harm you. Especially with a drug such as caffeine.

The estimated value for hyperactivity and increased stress as a result of caffeine is about 150-250 mg within a few hours, and fatality from caffeine poisoning is 250-300 mg.

The crazy thing is, a Starbucks Grande packs up to 180 mg a cup! That’s well over the stress benchmark, and will keep you hyperactive for hours on end.

Many other places, like Dutch Bros, also come with huge caffeine doses, up to 200 mg.

But coffee isn’t all that includes the drug. Energy drinks are another source of caffeine in our daily lives, and because they are considered a “supplement” for health purposes, they don’t come under the rules and regulations laid down by the FDA for coffee and sodas (and any other caffeinated beverage). This means they don’t have to label the caffeine amount.

For instance, a 5-Hour-Energy bottle you find at the store with only a few little teaspoons’ worth of drink can hold a lot of caffeine, well into the stress area. And if you were to drink more than one… let’s just say that’s pushing it too far.

Other energy drinks are guilty of this too, including RockStar, Red Bull, Monster, and others, and the level of caffeine in some of these drinks have been linked to cases of perfectly healthy, often young people dropping dead, without a word, as a result of overactivity from both the drug and the physical activity.

Moral: Be careful before you grab one of those drinks, and moderate. This white, bitter powder is becoming more popular by the day, and you can find it almost anywhere.


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