Test Hacks

If you’re like the majority of students, you dislike tests, sometimes with a vengeance. There is good reason to that too, since the brain isn’t very renowned for taking in info and keeping it. However, there’s some things you can do before and during the big test to help prime your nerve center for action. Here’s some simple things you can do to help stimulate the brain and make connections to remember that one pesky vocab word

  • While it’s frowned upon by many teachers and schools, chewing gum can actually be beneficial to your performance, especially during studying. When you chew gum while studying your notes, your brain makes all sorts of connections: not only with the words on the paper, but also the physical action of chewing and even the flavor of gum. This way, your muscle memory (something you’ve probably heard of if you’ve ever danced or participated in coordinated movement) and other senses like taste all pitch in when studying. Then, if you chew the same gum during the test, those same tastes and chewing motion will fire connections in your brain, helping it remember whatever you were trying to remember.
  • Music has been scientifically proved to improve performance. You may have heard of people saying classical music enhances your problem-solving skills, but it doesn’t have to be just classical. It can be rock, pop, alternative, anything. If you can’t listen during the test, then listen before. Best to do it sometime rather than never.
  • Everyone’s different, and everyone learns in a different way. Some people are visual, some auditory, and some kinesthetic (movement). Identify how you learn as soon as possible, and use it. If you’re visual, make pictures associated with your notes. An image is worth a thousand words. If you’re auditory, get a friend or family to quiz you, or just repeat the words under your breath. Writing it down is beneficial too. If you write something down repeatedly, mutter the meaning, and look at your notes or the picture, you can incorporate all these techniques.
  • Try teaching it to someone, or write up a lesson. If you can teach it, you know it.
  • It’s time for the test! Get good sleep, don’t cram before, and eat a good breakfast. If you cram the day before, you’ll be left stressed and sleep-deprived, no good for a test.

Good luck!


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