Things I like and my pet peevs

Everyone has the things that they personally like, and those things that annoy you inexplicably.

Things I like:

  • Video games
  • Youtube
  • Minecraft
  • Social Media
  • Memes
  • Trying new and interesting things
  • New foods
    • Caramel Ice Cream
    • Chocolate Candy
    • Cinnamon flavored food (not cinnamon candy, way too spicy)
    • Mexican food
    • Cheese!

Things I find annoying:

  • People who think they can boss me
  • People who are mean and rude with no reason
  • No organization
  • Things falling over repeatedly D:{
  • Homework
  • When you play an FPS and get spawn camped
  • FPS campers in general
  • Upside down ship mode (Geometry Dash)
  • People who don’t listen
  • Donald Trump
  • Stubborn-headed people who don’t consider other people’s opinions