Mother Earth

Nature is a wonderful thing. It continues to fascinate us with its diversity and sheer power. It can create delicate flowers and sic huge walls of water on our cities. But some of the most amazing things about our planet is the things we don’t know about it. Take the Bodélé Depression, for instance. It’s a small valley in the African nation of Chad. From October… Continue reading Mother Earth

Shoutout Time!

Since the page menu isn’t really emphasized, I thought I would give a shoutout, since the pages have helpful links to HTML and Polls, and give you info about myself. Check it out at the sidebar to the left! Another shoutout to Words Warrior @ . You’ve been very supportive of me. Thanks!

The Stuggles of being a Vegetarian

It’s hard being a vegetarian.  Pretty much every restaurant’s Whenever you tell someone, they reel in shock and say, “No meat?! How??” It seems like most people in today’s world can’t live without meat.  Some people stop at that. But others, they try to analyze your lifestyle. “Why are you vegetarian? Why don’t you eat… Continue reading The Stuggles of being a Vegetarian